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PI-CEU is the only web-based resource in the United States that offers Licensed Private Investigators, Law Enforcement Officers, and Security Personnel the chance to take fully interactive Continuing Education training courses completely online -- from enrollment to final exam. And YOU could be one of our instructors !!

       How will it benefit You:
  • You'll expand your reach...and increase your income.

  • Whether you teach live seminars or distance learning courses, you'll have the potential to teach hundreds or even thousands more students every day of the year.

  • Forget about having to find a room to hold your classes. Your classroom would be
    online at PI-CEU.com!

  • Forget about having to print out loads of copies of all the documents and handouts,
    then lugging them to a classroom, or paying postage to send them somewhere else. Everything will be online, your content will be more fully protected against theft, and your knowledge will be used only by those students who have paid your tuition.

  • If you teach live seminars, forget about having to show up early to arrange chairs, and tables, get the coffee and donuts out, lay out the handouts. Stay home and relax!
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Fort Worth, TX 76124
  • Forget about having to prepare all the binders and certificates ahead of time. After the course is prepared the first time and sent to us, every other day is a cake-walk.

  • Forget about advertising your courses to acquire new students, because we'll do the marketing for you.

  • Reach beyond the small group of investigators in your area...reach PI's across the entire country....reach a potential 35,000
    students every year.

  • Forget about setting aside a specific time, because your course can be taught 24-7...you'll earn money while you sleep.

  • After sharing a percentage of the course tuition with us, you'll earn more money than you could ever hope to earn by
    teaching courses the way they're taught now.

  We encourage diversity in subject matter, so all YOU have to do is prepare the course for us to put on our site.
Who are the other instructors?
  Just "click here" to find out...and then come join them!
What courses are presently included?
  Just "click here" to find out! Then add your courses to the list!
What subject area should you consider for your courses?
Just "click here" to find what subject areas we've developed! If you have more ideas, all you have to do is make a suggestion.
What about tuition?
You can charge whatever you feel is appropriate. But remember this: the more you charge, the fewer students are likely to enroll. If you charge a reasonable tuition, then you can expect more students to enroll, and that means greater income for you in the long-run. Less $ per student = more $ per class.
Proof of Completion by the student
Once a student passes the course, we'll prepare a certificate bearing our official seal, sign it, and then send it to you for your signature as the course instructor. You'll also receive verification that they student completed the course, his final grade, and a pre-addressed and pre-stamped envelopes for mailing. So all you'll have to do is sign and mail the certificate.
How much will it cost me?
  You'll pay nothing up front, and nothing for us to maintain the course on our site. for a course that's well prepared and requires us to only prepare it for online presentation, there's no setup fee. But if we have to "write the course for you", then we'll deduct an additional fee from your percentage of future tuitions, so you still pay nothing out of pocket. We earn our income by charging a percentage of the tuition. The more courses you provide, the more you earn.
How does a student enroll?
A student enrolls by paying tuition through our secure server. That tuition is paid into our account. We deduct our percentage, and then pay you every month for each course that a student enrolls in and pays the tuition.
What about the accounting?
A student enrolls and pays tuition that is automatically deposited into our account. That student is then automatically added to your course roster. Since you'll be given a username and password as soon as you become part of our faculty, you'll be able to access the accounting system at any time, day or night, to see each course you're teaching. You'll be able to see how many students are (or have been) enrolled, the identity of each student, the date each enrolled, the tuition paid, total tuition received...broken down by month, quarter, or year. It's a thoroughly transparent accounting system, right at your fingertips.

If this interests you, then contact us as soon as you can, because we're going to limit the number of instructors we'll be accepting. Feel free to call us for more details. Once you're ready, all you have to do is send us the following information:
  • The title of the course.

  • A course outline or syllabus.

  • A brief narrative describing the course content.

  • An estimate of the course duration (the time, in CEU's, or some measure of time the course is expected to take, or the length of time it now takes for you to teach it).

  • A brief resume of your teaching experience, or as a PI, and your instructor number from the Texas Private Security Board.
After we receive all of this information, we'll get in touch with you to talk about preparing the course content so it can be written into our software.
The content of your course will be protected on our secure site, so no one except enrolled students will have access.

The course is yours, not ours. You will be wholly responsible for its content, cohesion, comprehensiveness, copyright, and complexity.

No one will be able to download or copy your course for his or her own use, and none of it will be printable, unless you want it to be. It's fully protected.

Only those persons who have enrolled as students, and who have paid the tuition, will be able to take the course.

You can check your courses anytime using your own faculty ID, and by the 10th of each month, you'll receive an audit that reports the total number of students who enrolled in your course, their names and identifying information (for your records), and payment for your share of the tuition.

  Interested ? Just Drop us a line!

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