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Online Continuing Education Courses

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Am I required to take an online course before becoming a private investigator?
No. We offer an online course that introduces you to the world of private investigations. But you're under no obligation to take it. Much information is gleaned from life's experiences,  a varied job history, an interest in learning, and an ability to find something out. Although  anyone may take any course we offer, many courses are specifically designed to enhance  already existing experiences. 

How is each course administered?
Students must enroll, pay the course tuition, and pick a username and password in order to gain access to the course. The course can be taken in one sitting, or the student may log in and out over a pre-determined period of time, during which he or she must complete the course. The student is not allowed to download or print any section of the course unless a section is specifically intended for that purpose, nor may they print off or save any test hat may be administered. Not all courses include a testing procedure, since some simply require  attendance. The student usually has several days within which to take the course and pass  any tests that are administered, allowing the student to proceed at his or her own pace. Each  course offered at PI-CEU.com will have its syllabus published on our website. A  certificate will be issued to affirm attendance and completion of the course. 

How will I be tested?
Not all courses test the student's proficiency, requiring only attendance for a particular period of time. But most courses will  test the  student's understanding of the subject matter with a proficiency test. The way the tests are prepared and administered  is up to
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  each  instructor, but generally tests consist of about 20 questions that may be multiple choice, and true & false. The   student   must correctly  answer a specific number of questions in order to pass the exam. If the student does not pass on the   first   attempt, review is usually  possible, after which a second attempt may be made to pass the test.

  Do I need to take the whole course at one time? 
  No. A student can take any course at his or her own pace, and log on or off at any time during the 7 to 10-day period the   course is  "active." As long as you complete the course during that time period, and pass any tests that are administered, your   pace is your  own. 

  What is the time limit to take the course?
  Courses offering only 1 or 2 CEUs usually have to be completed in one sitting. Other courses have varying time limits,   depending on  the length of the course. You may have from 3 to 10-days within which to take the course and pass the exam,   after which time the  course time limit will expire. If you haven't completed the course in the prescribed time, you won't receive   the CEUs. A student is  assumed to have dropped any course that is not completed. 

  Is a "student record" kept by PI-CEU? 
  Information pertaining to the status of each course a student signs up for will be included in the student's permanent record at   PI-CEU.com. Information pertaining to the entire course record will be kept online. The student's permanent record will   not be   available for review by any other authority without your explicit, written permission. It is for your records only, as well   as to   help us  audit our internal procedures. Once you take the course and successfully PASS it, that information will be noted   in   your permanent  record, and a certificate of completion will be issued. 

  Can we "transfer" a course we've already taken? 
  Yes. PI-CEU recognizes any course that has been approved by the Texas Private Security Board, and has been administered   by  any instructor the agency has approved. If a course at PI-CEU.com requires a pre-requisite, and that pre-requisite   has   been  taken by the student in another institution or from an instructor not affiliated with PI-CEU, we will recognize your   successful  completion of that course if the student provides proof of proficiency. That can be in the form of a certified copy of   a certificate of  completion provided by that other instructor or institution. Once we receive that proof, we will enter the course   information into your  permanent student record so your overall scholastic achievement can be tracked easily here at   PI- CEU.com. Information  pertaining to the status of each course a student successfully completes is included in the   student's   permanent record online at  PI-CEU.com.


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