Tips on Studying
by Joseph Alercia, JD
(Lion Investigation Academy)


Your decision to take your continuing education courses through “Cat’s-Eye online” is a vitally important step toward achieving your long-term career goals. But although we offer a convenient forum and low tuition, you will still be expected to fully engage your mind in order to gain the most benefit from what the instructor is offering.

To start, you’ll need to first develop a degree of organization to your system of study, because it is very important that you understand the material being taught so you can later apply it in your chosen profession. If you want to, you can print out this entire Study Guide, since it can be a valuable resource that will help you develop better study habits on the path of knowledge.

Your success as an investigator depends on how well you learn things… how much you open your mind to new concepts… how ready you are to accept and try new ideas.


A proper study system begins with preparation. If you are careful in your preparation, you will eliminate irritating problems and have more time to enjoy learning. You will also be pleasantly surprised to discover that the further you get into these courses, the more interesting the material will become.

  • Use the following Outline to organize your system of study.

  • Arrange your desk so your study area is properly situated.

  • Select seating that is comfortable, with strong back support.

  • Prepare proper ventilation, a fan, or air conditioning that provides a comfortable air temperature.

  • Arrange lights at the front or side(s) of your computer so your eyes don’t feel a strain, and so the light doesn’t create a glare on the screen.

  • Maintain a cleared study area.

  • Have a notepad and pen on your desk, or open a blank document onto which you

  • can take notes as the course progresses.

  • Have a good dictionary immediately available.

  • Make notes of references and resources.

  • Have any hard-copy reference material at hand.

  • Set aside a definite time to take the course, and allow for “study” time.

  • If others are around, make sure they understand that you aren’t to be disturbed for whatever time it is you have allotted for study.

  • Stay on target with your studies.

  • Eliminate annoyances and distractions.

  • Read each page of text once quickly, then read it again more slowly to fully absorb the meaning.

  • Take plenty of notes to either begin, or add to your personal reference library.

  • Work harder on areas that trouble you.

  • Review the course if you need to before you take any examinations.

Turn these techniques into habits. After all, you will almost certainly employ these same techniques during the course of an investigation. Developing good study habits will mean less stress, and a greater retention of the subject matter.

Have fun studying…and best of luck for your future success.

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